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Here at INDIANIC PICTURES, we pride ourselves in creating stories that reflect on the human spirit, leaving a positive imprint in the minds eye of the viewer.

  • Going Places

    Written, shot and edited within 24 hours on a budget of $200 Going Places is the first short film from writer/director Brent Williams. A young and eager corporate executive has devised a plan to impress …

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  • The Garden

    An old man (Peter Sumner) struggling to make ends meet is attempting to cut corners by growing a vegetable garden in the backyard. Meanwhile his son, Jamie (Luke Sumner), who is in jail, is frustrated …

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  • Chameleon

    Ben is enjoying a relaxing lunch with Sam after a big night on the town until he notices an old lady staring at him from across the restaurant. Why is she staring? Does he know …

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  • Turning Point

    Turning Point follows the story of Hank, Sam, Tracey and Matt. Hank and Sam are on a hunting trip while Tracey and Matt are on a camping holiday for the weekend. How will their paths …

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  • Showreel

    Take a look at our latest showreel!

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  • Shades Of Grey

    Ben and Deb are having marital problems as they seek to find out where it all went so wrong. Done in one take, Shades of Grey is a powerful new film from Brent Williams which …

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